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PORUWA CEREMONY (What is normally done)
1. The Groom is taken to the Poruwa by procession with his mother, father and close relatives – brothers, sisters, and their in laws if any, *at the entrance to the hall, brides brother or a small boy (cousin) washes the grooms feet to welcome him to the family and the groom in appreciation will place a gold ring in the water basin and he will then proceed to the hall and stand on the left side of the Poruwa.
2. The Bride is taken to the Poruwa by procession with her father, bride’s maids, and flower girls, and stand on the right side of the Poruwa.
3. The Master of Ceremonies (MC) will chant the Ashtaka and both the bride and groom will step on to the Poruwa helped by their respective fathers. In the absence of a father a maternal uncle could participate in place of the father. At the time of getting on to the poruwa the groom should drop a ‘Pandura” (about Rs. 500/- – 1000/- what ever you like) on the poruwa wrapped in a Bulath leaf.
4. 7 Bulath Athas (A sheaf of Bulath Leaves) should be given by each to the other with a coin and then dropped on to the Poruwa.
5. Tying of the thread and pouring of the water by an uncle (brides side).
6. Tying the necklace, rings and dressing of the saree given by the groom.
7. Feeding the kiribath and kevili (kevun, kokis and a mung kevun on a plate with a piece of Kiribath) to the bride by the groom and vice versa and a glass of milk or water. (Groom feeds the bride and the bride feeds the groom). 8. Grooms gift to the brides mother (40 yards of white cloth or he can choose to just give her a saree)
9. Giving bulath to both parents of both Bride and Groom by both together. (Should go down and worship with bended knees).
10. Giving a present to the uncle (who tied the thread).
11. Giving presents to father of bride and grooms parents & grand parents.
12. Give the other presents to the maids and groomsmen etc if you wish or this can be done after you get down. (Better on the Poruwa).
13. Giving bulath to all the relatives (on a bulath heppuwa)
14. Girls singing the Jayamangala Gatha. Give the presents to them when they finish. (Place about Rs. 300/- in an envelope and hand it to them when they finish the singing).
15. Getting down from the Poruwa as the MC chants the blessings with the help from the father of the groom.
16. Lighting of the oil lamp.
17. Registration of the marriage if necessary.
18. Cutting of the cake.
At all times brides maids, flower girls, best man, groomsmen, page boys and the close relatives should stand by the Poruwa in silence. (chatting at any point will not be considered polite) This will take about 20 mts to ½ hour if all required items are kept at close proximity and the ceremony coordinated efficiently, if not, you may have to add another 10 mts or so.
It is best when one person takes the responsibility of arranging all the required items in an orderly fashion and hands over the items to coincide with the order of events to the persons responsible for each event. i.e. Rings, necklace, saree, gifts, 4 Jayamangala girls money envelops & the coins which should be handed over to the MC before the ceremony starts.
It is best when a WedInSriLanka Coordinator is available for advice and training as timing is very important.
* Optional